The supernatural journey of a teenage immigrant to Israel – Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram

March 2019
(Because they are still coming)
By Shani Sorko-Ram Ferguson
Sometimes God does a miracle, and that is the breakthrough, and sometimes He does a miracle so you will have the confidence to hold on for the long ride until you get to the breakthrough.
Read the exciting and supernatural journey of a teenager who immigrated to Israel, weathered the storms with his family, and has now dedicated his whole life to building a community to help other Jewish immigrants on their journey.
Bringing Jews Home
One of the first endeavors Ari and Shira ever took on through Maoz Israel when it was founded in 1976, was helping people get established in the land. They built a home big enough to start a congregation and house Jews who were in the process of immigrating. New immigrants often stayed in the house for a week, a month, or a year until they could stand on their own two feet.
However, everything is now moving faster, and the numbers are greater. If families are not able to get established here in Israel, they will likely return to their land of exile. This doesn’t need to happen.
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