Farrakhan: ‘Sweetheart, Don’t Apologize’ for Hating Jews; Netanyahu Slams Wild French Anti-Semites; Facebook Defends Sharia Law – United with Israel

United with Israel Terrorist’s Mom: ‘My Son Was Butcher, Knew How to Slaughter; Young Palestinian Discovers Jewish Roots! Israel Helps Cars Call Ambulances; Inside the Secret World of Israel Air Force 
Louis Farrakhan to US Congresswoman Omar: ‘Sweetheart, Don’t Apologize’; Gets Huge Applause
Netanyahu Slams ‘Wild Anti-Semites’ in France
Terrorist Mother’s Praise: ‘My Son was a Butcher Who Knew How to Slaughter’ 
Facebook Defends Muslim Sharia Law Censorship, Champions Blasphemy Laws
Israeli Startup: Now Your Car Can Call for An Ambulance!
WATCH: PA Official Waves Assault Rifle, Vows to ‘Never Lay Down Weapons’
Jordan Brings Palestinians Into Council Running Affairs on Temple Mount
British Experts Warn of Anti-Semitism Across the UK
WATCH: Inside the Secret World of the Israel Air Force
UK and Israel Sign Post-Brexit Free Trade Deal
Iran Unveils First Semi-heavy Missile-equipped Submarine

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