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‘Jump-Starting’ Young Evangelicals Connection to the Holy Land

An Eagles’ Wings delegation was in Israel to find out how to connect to the land and also Millennials

Winter Weather, A Unique Challenge for Israel’s Elderly

Struggling citizens and especially the elderly, find winter a particularly challenging time to live in dignity

WATCH: Preserving Memory of the Holocaust With Unlikely Friendship

The inspiring emotional story of an unlikely friendship between a 91-year-old holocaust survivor and a 23-year old volunteer

ICYMI: Are We Seeing The Repentance of Ishmael?

The year 2018 saw a number of Arab governments speaking openly about normalizing relations with Israel

Why Palestinians Oppose an Anti-Iran Coalition

By Khaled Abu Toameh
Palestinians have good reason to believe that some influential Arab countries have given up on both them and the Palestinian cause
By Dr. Denis MacEoin
By Daniel Greenfield
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