Look who’s in the I MET MESSIAH chair! Joel Rosenberg – ONE FOR ISRAEL

Every testimony is special, and it’s always encouraging to hear about God’s work in someone’s life. We have had almost 100 Jewish people sitting in the famous “I MET MESSIAH” chair now, but we are so pleased to present this one to you.
Joel Rosenberg is not only a best-selling author and international speaker, but he is a dear friend to us personally – and as a ministry. It was Joel’s “Joshua Fund” that provided the first server for our internet outreach to begin! We appreciate this man so much, and all that God has done through his life already. Watch his story below!
Dr. Erez Soref, President
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Amazing News From Israel To Start The New Year
“Jesus was a classic Jew… the greatest Jew of all time… The very least he deserves from Israel is a city square named after him” wrote one impassioned Israeli journalist.1 There have been a plethora of articles and videos in the Israeli media, looking very favorably on the subject of Jesus and his story. It’s a new era of much more positive attitudes towards Jesus in Israel. An entire documentary was devoted to exploring “Christianity in Israel”. A secular Jewish man and a religious Jewish woman interviewed believers from different backgrounds, including a priest who was born in a Jewish family and insisted that he is still Jewish. They found it bewildering but intriguing. At the end, they called Jesus their brother, and called for more appreciation of the Christian community living in the Holy Land.
I’ll be honest with you, we’re all a bit shocked by all this positivity!
Tu Bishvat: Happy Tree Day!
Today is “Tu Bishvat”, which is a “New Year” celebration for trees devised by the Jewish Sages. The date has significance in that it relates to the many Jewish laws about growing crops and trees in Israel; especially how and when to separate out the tithes of the fruits (a tenth is given to God). One of the trees that is most prominent in Israel at this time of year is the almond tree, which packs a Biblical punch as it crops up in several places throughout the scriptures, with great significance.

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