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One of the top questions I am asked is, “Will you mentor me?”
What a privilege it is to be asked! But of course mentoring is a huge responsibility and a decision not lightly made. Also, most people are looking for more than a little guidance, opportunity, and impartation. They are looking for access to the gifts they are inspired by to come through the person they are asking to be mentored by.
Here’s the reality: you already have access through the Holy Spirit, and growth has to be a very personally driven process in your life. I love how Paul reminded Timothy to fan into flame the gifts he had received through times of prayer and the laying on of hands. The verse doesn’t say, “light a fire, Timothy, and then stand back while I fan your flames.”
In other words, “God gave some gifts and we helped you get started, but you are responsible to stoke the fire of passion that leads you into your spiritual journey. No one can want what you want as much as you are supposed to want it.”
If I begin to mentor you the old-school way, you go everywhere with me, watch me, and sometimes participate with me. In this case, you will definitely have a good time (because I am loads of fun!), but it doesn’t guarantee that you will grow in your gifts.
By hanging out with me, you might even be sacrificing some good growth time where you are the one being activated. Instead, you are doing a “ride-along” with brother Shawn, kind of like in the back seat of my prophetic ministry travels. I have rarely seen someone who is being mentored by just serving and shadowing a prophetic person actually gain the same amount of authority and prophetic impact as someone who is directly pursuing the gifts.

This doesn’t mean we don’t need mentors or that we shouldn’t spend seasons serving. But we need to do it in a way that is still in direct pursuit of what we want to be mentored in. For example, you would never do a residency at a hospital after years of college and be satisfied just answering phones at the front desk.

The majority of your growth in the prophetic can be self-managed. In other words, you can practice daily, learn to apply the prophetic in your life and the world around you, and compare your process with your peers.

If you want to grow in your prophetic gifting, spend time in God’s presence. Pray, yes, and read the Word. But also sit with God and listen for His voice—rather than just talking to Him. Sitting in silence— practicing solitude—can be tough! But it’s worth it.

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