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Friday, January 18, 2019
Frank Amedia Prophesies: February, March Will Be Months of Chaos for Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump shows a photo of a “typical” border wall design. (Reuters)
President Trump’s border wall and our government’s shutdown still dominate the news. While leftists bash Trump and his agenda, pastor and prophet Frank Amedia says building walls around our nation’s borders is completely biblical. And in the same way, open borders are actually unspiritual. Indeed, Franks calls opening the borders a globalization tactic meant to lead to a one-world government.

While at first glance, globalization looks compassionate—as it aims to allow other nations to have what we have—it also carries a serious danger. Not only does it lend itself to a powerful elite that controls the common people with money and power, but it also sets the stage for the Antichrist.

With all these spiritual factors at play, it’s no wonder leftist politicians and media are doing all they can to strip Trump of his authority. Frank says this is just the beginning of the chaos he prophesied for the beginning of 2019, and unfortunately, it’s just going to get worse.

“It appears now that whatever is coming out of [Robert] Mueller is going to come in February and March,” Frank says. “We may well see an impeachment process begin in March or sooner. But God is going to prevail, and what they have intended for bad, God will make good—not because Trump is or is not a Christian. That’s between him and God. But it’s because this anointing is upon this man to stop and resist and break all of these forces that have been against this nation as one nation under God and against the body of Christ.”

Today marks the 28th day of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, revealing the intense gridlock our nation is facing over President Donald Trump’s border wall. Several previous presidents have promised to build walls, and even more—including Obama—called illegal immigration a huge issue and promised to deal with it. And yet because Trump is actually trying to make this promise a reality, the left has attacked him and done everything they can to hinder his agenda.

But in the midst of this political chaos, Christians must ask, “Where is God in all of this?” Frank was one of the first people I heard prophesy that Trump would become president. Of course, that prophecy came to pass, so I asked him … read more 

Is It Biblical to Build a Border Wall? Frank Amedia Answers this Question.

Is It Biblical to Build a Border Wall? Frank Amedia Answers This Question

20 Minutes – January 18th 2019

Where is God in this battle for a southern border wall?
Frank Amedia answers by explaining biblical truths found in the Scriptures about border walls from Genesis through Revelation. Hear how walls were used to define borders, tribes and the fate of the people within these walls. Learn what book of the Bible is most popular in discussing the walls of Jerusalem, walls that defined a nation.
Listen to hear more on this issue and what happens when a nation has open border policies.

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