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Unique Home in Heart of Jerusalem Opens For Young Women From FSU

Beautiful building designed to be a home away from home where they can study and live

Firefighters Protect Gaza Periphery from Arson Terrorism

16 Israelis have decided to take part in a volunteer firefighting course to counter any repeated uptick in Gazan arson terrorism

WATCH: Riveting Stolen Relics Recaptured and on Display in Israel

A new exhibit entitled ‘Finds Gone Astray,’ at The Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem is showcasing items captured from antiquities looters

ICYMI: The Rise of DNA Testing as Precursor to the Messiah

Part of the Messianic process will include a process of clarifying the true identities of individuals

A Cautionary Tale of European Antisemitism

By Michael Freund
There is truly reason to fear for the future of Jews on the continent
By Caroline Glick
By Khaled Abu
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