Jihadis Blame Trump for Mass Murder; Gravest Threat Facing Israel; How Iran Turned from Israel’s Friend to Worst Enemy – United with Israel

Jewish and Arab Hospital Staff Dance Together! CLICK for Latest from Israel!
United with Israel ‘Desperate’ Abbas Leads UN Bloc, But Grip on PA Slips by the Day; Tel Aviv Moves to Triple Taxes on Airbnb; Israel Battles Palestinian Polluters’ Nightmare; Israelis Make Plastic from Seaweed 
Jihadis Murder 14 in Kenya, Blame Trump’s Jerusalem Recognition
Gravest Threat Facing Israel is ‘First Northern War’ 
WATCH: How Islamic Fanatics Turned Iran from Israel’s Friend to Its Worst Enemy
Tel Aviv Moves to Triple Municipal Taxes on Airbnb Units 
Only in Israel! Jewish and Arab Hospital Staff Dance Together 
Israeli Scientists Make Plastic from Seaweed 
WATCH: Palestinian Leaders Blame Israel for Their Drug Problems 
‘Desperate’ Abbas Leads UN Bloc, But Grip on Palestinian Authority Slips by the Day 
WATCH: Israel’s Free Press Fends Off Attacks by ‘Fake News’ Hackers 
Intelligence Expert Warns of Regional Consequences to US Pullout from Syria 


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