“ACPE Word of the Lord for 2019” – Cindy Jacobs The Elijah List

“ACPE Word of the Lord for 2019”

Cindy Jacobs 
The Elijah List Jan 10, 2019

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:
Cindy Jacobs is one who I listen to very carefully and always look forward to her words from the Lord.
Every year, Mike and Cindy Jacobs bring together God’s prophets across the globe…so that they can hear what He has to say to the Body of Christ for the upcoming year.
It was an honor to be at the recent ACPE gathering (Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders ) with the Jacobs’ and many others as we sought to hear God’s voice together.
I’ll keep this very short and let you get right to reading the latest ACPE word of the Lord for the new year.
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I want share with you what God has been saying for 2019, and I’m very excited about everything ahead.
This is a compilation of words sent to us from the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE), and many of the well-known prophets from 65 nations during the Global Prophetic Summit. As I was looking through everything, it’s really amazing, but one thematic thing which excited me was that God’s going to use women in a greater way!
Below is a summary of the prophetic words being released for 2019.
Supernatural Acceleration
This was a word the prophets received in 2018, but we believe it is extending into 2019 – extreme acceleration. The season of “suddenlies” will continue.
Women Rise Up
We need to remember that there is joy set before us.
A common theme coming from prophets around the world is that God is going to use women in a greater way. They are going to take their place, embrace their right to preach, and be in ministry. Men and women should work side-by-side.
A keyword is multi-generational. Both men and women will work together across the generations.
Possessing the Gates of the Enemy
This word from last year proved to be very accurate. There were great advances made in many nations, even places known for religious persecution. Pastors and other leaders who had been imprisoned were released. Doors are opening with government leaders. Prophet after prophet is being given the opportunity to meet with their presidents, royals, and so on.
North Korea
We sensed a little warning – step it up in prayer for North Korea. The situation could flash again and cause some problems.
Joyful Increase
Even a blessing can cause stress. The season of suddenlies and acceleration is so important, but the Lord is really saying, “When the suddenlies come, be ready to stay in joy.” (Photo via Unsplash)
Satan doesn’t want us to have joy; he wants to steal joy. He wants to stir up situations in your life to make you feel that God isn’t good, that you’re not going to have multiplication or increase. It’s about choicesYou need to make a choice that you’re not going to get robbed.
The birthing process really models this because, at the time, you’ve got the promise, the child’s there, it’s ready for delivery, but the most troubling time for a woman is during that birthing process. Then you have to really press through to the very thing, the increase, that brings such joy. When you’re going through a joyful increase, many times you’ll feel a stretching.
Can't You Talk Louder, God?
Year of Transition
2019 is a year of transition into the blessings, as we’re moving toward 2020 (2 Chron. 20:20 – believe the prophets, and you will prosper and be blessed).
To build on the previous section, this is a year of birthing new things, of transitions. We need to remember that there is joy set before us. In the midst of birth, you have to remember this is going to be something you’re going to rejoice about. But sometimes people get caught up in the transition and they think, “Well, this is just my life now.” No – it’s a transition. Don’t lose sight of the promise.
This is true for a lot of you. God’s been giving you dreams, visions, and a sense that you’re to move forward in a certain way during this next season, but as you’ve begun trying to move forward, you’re getting resistance. It’s a time where we’re going to have to learn and relearn and use the principles God’s already shown us. See the end result and keep the end result before your eyes, so that you can be joyful, looking beyond the circumstances to what you know God has for you.
Culture Shifts
‘When the suddenlies come, be ready to stay in joy.’
There will be a marriage of revival and reformation.
We’re going to see nations embracing values, and many will shift from being goat nations to sheep nations (sheep nations are in line with God’s promises; goat nations are not).
God is releasing a focus on evangelism. This is ultimately the reason prophets gather together and seek a word from the Lord, so people can be released to impact their nations.
God is creating miracles and releasing the game changers that will shift world governments. It will allow for God’s government that has no end.
We are moving into a season of amazing creativity. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places, and what does He do in heavenly places? He creates. He has never stopped being the creator – the same yesterday, today, and forever. Because we’re made in His image, He wants to release in us an amazing amount of creativity.
Shakings & Upheavals
We do feel a warning – 2019 is going to have some shakings and upheavals.
There are going to be government upheavals. There are going to be some polarity. But God is going to cause you to get through it and get through it joyfully. (Photo via Unsplash)
Preparation, guidance, and discipline are necessary for developing maturity with any gift, and the prophetic gift is no exception. However, prophetic mentorship can be quite challenging – for the mentor and the student alike!
If you have an emerging prophetic gift, it is so important to be teachable and allow yourself to be mentored. There are important things to look for in a mentor and crucial steps you must understand in order to make that relationship truly effective. God is more interested in maturity and character than anointing, and mentorship is a vital part of seeing those things developed in you. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Submitted by Cindy Jacobs
On behalf of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders and the Global Prophetic Consultation
Generals International

Email: generals@generals.org
Website: www.generals.org
Cindy Jacobs is an author, speaker, and teacher with a heart for discipling nations in the areas of prayer and prophetic gifts. She and Mike – her husband of 41 years – co-founded Generals International in 1985. She is a respected prophet who travels the world, ministering not only to crowds of people but to heads of nations. Her first calling is and always will be prophetic intercession. Each year she travels, and she has spoken on nearly every inhabited continent to tens of thousands. Cindy has authored books, loves to travel and speak, but one of her favorite past-times is spending time with her husband Mike and their children Daniel and Mary Madison, along with her grandchildren.

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