A Revival in Hollywood and Cyber Protection; Africa, the Koreas and the Nations Throughout the World – Bill Lackie

Bill Lackie
Jan. 4, 2018

A Revival in Hollywood and Cyber Protection
Hollywood will prepare to bow their knee to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Hearts and bodies will be healed and loneliness will be dispelled. This revival will be known as a replica of the Azusa Street Revival.
Discoveries in computer warfare will produce the protection and prevention of stealing intellectual secrets. Inventive discoveries are happening which are causing the United States to be more Cyber secure in the area of business. This will prevent the stealing of intellectual secrets, private finances, bank transactions, and personal information which has previously resulted in identity theft.
Africa, the Koreas and the Nations Throughout the World
Africa is coming out of years of wars and poverty, and there will be a radical change in government and politics. The wealth of their recourses will find a new market, managed with character. The ravaging of their tribes and communities with disease, poverty and conflict will shift this year. Africa will begin to lead out in innovative discoveries. The think tank of African communities has the blessing of heavenly ideas. Soon they will be linked with people who can help take these discoveries and use them as blessings in other nations.
A greater unity within Africa will come this year. Prior to 2019, there have been many factions and divisions in Africa. This has increased tribalism and competition at any cost. Abusing the import and export business of Africa will be confronted. Even crime which has benefited greatly from their resources will be turned around. The Lord has heard the cries of His people there and will turn this injustice around.
The Korean nations will be rescued from the threat of North Korea and their dominant control. Intellectual gifts will be released, bringing breakthrough in many disciplines and will greatly impact the world. South Korea will shift to a “sheep nation” and Christianity will rise to a large percentage. South Korea will become a great ally of the United States, assisting in bringing freedom to North Korea. North and South Korea will reconcile and families, communities and shared gifts given to Korea by God will be healed. When this happens a great rejoicing will fill the earth and every nation. A unified Korea will be a worldwide blessing. North Korea is entering a season of turnaround. North Korea will be set free and do away with the cruel, dominant approach of ruling their people. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)
I saw revival exploding throughout nations in 2019. Revival will break out in England. Burton-on-Trent will be the epicenter of this move of God, and it will spread like a wildfire to cities throughout England. It will then spread to Scotland and Ireland. Revival will break out in North Dakota and then move quickly to Canada. Let it rain!
England is going to rise up as an apostolic nation, leading impacting and changing others nations throughout the world. God has blessed them with divine order which will bring blessing. The roots of revival are coming alive and will bless the peoples of England with character, law and foundations to move forward.
Canada is going to see a change from the liberalism that has ruled their nation. Their import and export business will increase and bring in money to bless people from the West to the East. Revival will refresh and awaken the roots of Godly character established all throughout Canada. Canada will form an alliance with the United States and demonstrate their loyalty in 2019. NORAD in Canada will be called to act several times, most of which will not be publicized. However, divine protection and order has been established in Canada. God is calling on the deposit of this gift to shine. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Bill Lackie
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Bill Lackie: The ministry of Bill Lackie has been cultivated through 45 years of position in the local Church ministry and travel. By calling, he is an apostle-prophet to the local Church Body and to the nations. Through years of counseling, preaching, teaching, and prophesying, his ministry has developed with a prophetic flow of clarity and specifics ministered through a compassionate “Father’s heart.” 

Traveling nationally and internationally, Bill has established churches, been a keynote speaker at conferences, and prophetically ministered to heads of state and political officials. He has authored books and materials releasing saints in present truth ministry. Bill currently serves on staff at Vision Church @ Christian International and he and his wife are elders in the local Church Body. He presently resides in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, with his wife, LaRue.

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