Brazil’s Embassy Moving to Jerusalem; Bennett’s ‘New Right’ Party Makes Strong Start; Only in Israel: 1700-Year-Old Discovery! – United with Israel

How Israel’s ‘Angels in the Sky’ Saved the Day! CLICK for Latest from Israel!
United with Israel Brazil Loves Israel and Netanyahu! Germany Slams Palestinian Mission for Glorifying Terror; Israel the Root of Muslim Anti-Semitism? Unique Charity Prepares Tasty Food for Israel’s Hungry 
‘Brazil’s Embassy Move a Matter of When, Not If,’ Says Netanyahu from Rio
Bennett’s ‘New Right’ Party Jumps to Strong Start in Israeli Polls
WATCH: How Israel’s Miraculous ‘Angels in the Sky’ Saved the Day!
Only in Israel: Woman on Walk Stumbles Upon 1,700-Year-Old Roman Busts 
WATCH: Brazil Loves Israel and Netanyahu! 
Unique Charity Prepares Tasty, Ethnic-flavored Food Packages for Israel’s Hungry  
Germany Slams Palestinian Mission for Glorifying Terrorist on Facebook 
PA Asks UN for Identical Sum it Gives to Terrorists 
WATCH: Is Israel Really the Root of Muslim Anti-Semitism? 
The US Withdrawal from Syria – A Blessing in Disguise? 
Stinting on Compassion for Jewish Victims of Terror 

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