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He is Releasing Strategy for Strength by Lana Vawser

He is Releasing Strategy for Strength by Lana Vawser

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Over the past week or so I have been hearing the Lord repeating over and over “I am releasing strategy for strength.”
Instantly I had a vision and I saw many weary warriors where the battle, struggles, fires and trials they have endured have left them really weary.
The Lord’s voice thundered over them “I am releasing strategy for strength”
Instantly I knew that an invitation was being released from the Lord to come and hear HIS strategy that He is releasing right now. I felt this strong sense in the atmosphere that it is crucial to be hearing and following HIS strategy alone, because the enemy is attempting to lure God’s people into ‘false strategies’ not flowing from the heart of God to weary them and burn them out.
The Lord showed me that following Him in obedience to the strategy He is releasing there will be a major strengthening of body, soul and mind. The Lord showed me hearts being healed; torment of the mind being broken; physical issues being healed and a deep rest coming to the hearts of God’s people.
In this strategy for strength there will be a major strengthening of faith that will take place. The flourishing of the faith rested life (Hebrews 4:11) that will blossom all around. Many have become so weary from fighting the lies of the enemy, the bombardment of continual circumstances, winds of opposition and turmoil of the heart, but the Lord has heard and He is releasing His strategy for strength. This time will be so important for many as they will be reestablished, refreshed, rejuvenated and restored.
Strength for the Future
The Lord also showed me that not only is He releasing strategy for strength and restrengthening right now, He is releasing strategy for strength for the future. I kept seeing the word “longevity” in the spirit and the Lord was speaking that He is releasing strategy and divine wisdom for His people to walk in that whatever He has them build and put their hands to lasts. 
I felt the heart of God so strongly for longevity. The enemy has been coming against many recently with his many lies but all screaming the same thing: everything opposite to longevity. Friends, that’s a LIE! God is building and working deep within the body of Christ right now to mature, to strengthen and to draw us up higher into living by faith and His reality. 
The strategy of God right now will bring you life, strengthen you and refresh you.
Lean your ear close to His chest and let Him speak His strategy to you for there is a divine STRENGTHENING coming upon you.
Lana Vawser

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