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Women, Rise Up at This Prophetic Crossroads!

If you haven’t realized it yet, we stand at a crossroads in our culture. Look at any statistic and you will find a dramatic decline of values in our society. Though I could tell you of a list of reasons as to what has contributed to this decline, its effects on our generation are unmistakable and undeniable.
One of the things that concern me is a rise in an extreme form of feminism. I applaud women taking their place in our culture. I applaud them to find their voice. The #MeToo Movement isn’t all bad. People need to tell their stories. However, turning to man-hating and man-devouring isn’t the answer either. We as women need to take a stand in our society, but we need to fight alongside with our men. We don’t need to destroy them. As I began to pray about this some time ago, there were two biblical figures I felt led to discuss regarding this issue.
The story of Delilah can be found in Judges 16. It takes place in the Valley of Sorek, which means the “valley of choice.” The Bible says that the “lords of the Philistines” (Judg. 16:5a, NKJV) came to her because they had realized that Samson was in love with her.
She was a prostitute. I would love to know her backstory. The “lords” of the Philistines were meant to be like “kings or princes” of the time. They would have been people with a lot of influence. They gave her 1100 pieces of silver to sell Samson out to them. (This is equivalent of about $8,000). She did what was asked of her. This story has always made me laugh at how gullible Samson was. A man in love doesn’t really think things through. He made some unwise choices trusting her, and was ultimately captured as a result. There were so many things Delilah could have done. How different would the story be had she have told those “princes” she wouldn’t trap Samson? But she didn’t do this. How differently would this story have turned out had she stood up to the culture? She was obviously all about her own personal gain. She was the linchpin that led to Samson’s demise.
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In contrast, the story of Deborah is remarkable. This woman was amazing. Her story can be found in Judges 4-5. She was one of the judges of Israel who used to sit under palm trees while the people of Israel came to her to judge matters. I love the fact that she has a reputation for her wisdom. I would love to hear her backstory too. She was so well-respected that Barak, the commander of the army, wouldn’t go into battle unless she came with them. She didn’t stay under that palm tree. That woman went into battle and helped Israel. Deborah was fierce. She was a warrior. She wasn’t attacking her men. She was fighting alongside of them. They were rising up a banner to fight together.
When God formed Eve, he made her from Adam’s rib. She was not fashioned out of a piece of skull or a piece of foot. She was formed out of his side. The idea that we as women need to be over men or under men is completely unbiblical and delusional. If we want to see our culture begin to return to God, we as women need to rise up and take our place. We are not the head. We are not to be downtrodden.
If we want our society to shift back to biblical principles, then everyone, male and female, needs to engage in the culture. We cannot stay seated under our palm trees eating dates. We cannot sit idly by as the enemy of God’s people continues to attack on every side. We cannot stay safe in our four church walls and think that somehow our society will miraculously shift. We must pray. We must engage. We must take a stand. It’s time for women to raise up a standard. Who is with me? 
Anna M. Aquino is a published author, guest minister and prophetic voice. Her books, Cursing the Church or Helping It? Exposing the spirit of BalaamConfessions of a Ninja MomAn Ember in Time and A Marriage in Time are available wherever books are sold. She has been on TBN, TCT and a variety of other programs, both TV and radio. Please feel free to check out her website at annamaquino.com.
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