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New Genetic Study: 150 Million People of Spanish Ancestry With Possible Jewish Roots

A program is being developed to enable people to reconnect to their Jewish ancestry

ICYMI: Light Unto the Nations: IDF’s Unparalleled Humanitarian Efforts Around the World

While the IDF’s primary aim is to defend the land of Israel and its people, it also serves as a light unto other nations of the world

WATCH: Israeli Spacecraft with Biblical Name to Launch Towards Moon in 2019

The Israeli Beresheet or “Genesis” spacecraft has been built, tested and is ready to launch in a few weeks

Erdogan Hopes for Muslim Reconquest
of Jerusalem and Tells Youth
“Don’t be Like the Jews”

Turkish President told youth in Istanbul that Jews “kick men, women and children when they’re on the ground”

Thoughts and Questions About US Withdrawal from Syria

By Seth Frantzman
There has been shock at the sudden decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw from Syria
By Sarah N. Stern
By Khaled Abu
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