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Does the Christian Star of Bethlehem Have Its Roots in Judaism?

The star, symbolizing an astronomical appearance described in the New Testament, may have its sources in Jewish eschatological literature

UN Security Council to Discuss Hezbollah Terrorist Tunnels In Emergency Session

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the tunnels “an act of war”

WATCH: Melave Malka of Redemption – The Ish-Ran Celebration of Am Yisrael

Rabbi Shlomo Katz visited the bedside of the wounded parents of the baby boy – prematurely delivered and who prematurely died – in a Palestinian drive-by shooting

4-Year Career Reporting on Messiah and Why I Know It’s Happening

Breaking Israel News’ Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz looks back on his last four year’s worth of articles and sees miraculous patterns emerging

In Israel, the deception of quiet has been shattered. Now what?

By Yaakov Lappin
The coming weeks will see whether Israel and the Palestinian Authority will be able to contain an escalating situation
By Caroline Glick
By Dr. Phyllis Chesler
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