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Is the Pacific Ring of Fire Getting Ready for the End-of-Days?

According to rabbis, volcanoes are a necessary part of the end-of-days that immediately precedes Redemption

CT For Clouds: Ten Israeli Micro-Satellites Will Look Inside the Smallest Clouds

An Israeli-German mission is preparing to launch a formation of 10 tiny satellites – each the size of a shoe box and weighing three kilograms

WATCH: ‘We Will Not Be Uprooted’ Bereaved Grandfather Says

Chaim Silverstein lost his precious 4-day old grandson, Amiad Yisrael, the youngest Jewish victim of terrorism

ICYMI- Rabbi: Autistic Children Say Messiah is Here, Prepare for Final War

For many years, a small group of autistic children has been consulted by rabbis who believe that the gift of prophecy rests within them

The Blessing of Abraham

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