Gathering Together – Now Think On This by Steve Martin

Gathering Together
Now Think On This
Steve Martin
“In this way we are like the various parts of a human body. Each part gets its meaning from the body as a whole, not the other way around. The body we’re talking about is Christ’s body of chosen people. Each of us finds our meaning and function as a part of his body. But as a chopped-off finger or cut-off toe we wouldn’t amount to much, would we?
So since we find ourselves fashioned into all these excellently formed and marvelously functioning parts in Christ’s body, let’s just go ahead and be what we were made to be, without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves with each other, or trying to be something we aren’t.” 
(Romans 12:4-6, THE MESSAGE)
A wise man once told me, “It is better to work with both hands than with one. And if you have two legs, why not use them together to get where you want to go. Coordinate!”
Another time he said, “You have a brain. Try using it more than the 20% which seems to be currently in play.” Ouch!
Both times he was right. And like myself, you too have been given many parts of the body to be used. So why don’t we? Why are we not, even to as much of full capacity as we can?
I am a man who likes to see people connected. If I meet one person here, who can help another person over there, I enjoy putting them in contact with each other. If they are in Jerusalem, and I know someone in Iowa that can meet a need they clearly have, I will “reach out” (overworked words I know, but you understand it) for the benefit of both. Makes common sense to me.
The Lord’s heart is certainly for that too. He is all about connecting, to having those He has created to get together and fulfill His purposes and plans for each, as a whole. For that matter, He has intended it to be this way in order for us to use what each has been given, to “bring it to the table”, and fulfill the big picture that He has, not us.
It is not about me doing my thing and you doing yours. Separately. It is about coming together and building together. When that happens, then the world will see the Lord’s body of believers as we were meant to be seen. Until now, the world thinks very little of Christians and Jews. In many cases, we are both despised people. And no wonder. Most often all they see is fighting, arguments, name calling, and rejection of what the other “church” is doing. I don’t blame them. If I was in the “unbeliever’s camp”, so would I.

Guess what? Our God, the same One Who is bringing back the Jews to their promised Land of Israel, right now, even more so than what He has been in the last 70 years, is also speaking clearly to the other group, “the grafted in ones”, Christians, to come back to His plan, and start working together, in unity, as one.

I like what Lance Wallnau has been saying for years now. “As one!” At first, I thought it was a bit corny. Not so much anymore. Thanks, Lance. You were ahead of many of us!
And now this. With beginning preparations going on now, to happen in the spring of 2020 is an event the Lord has given me, and others who will join, a mandate to have a two-day conference, simply calling it, “Gathering Together”. As this unfolds, it will be an open invitation to the 24 churches and ministries that I personally know, to come together. Over half of these Laurie and I have actually been members of those churches, or I have been on paid staff in their ministries.
Two days. Ten sessions. Ten speakers. Six worship teams. 1200 people.
All from at least 24 churches and ministries. The place is already reserved for this to happen.
Celebrating our common bond in the family of God the Father.
He first gave me this mission vision in October of 2003 when I sent a letter of encouragement (see a copy of the four-page letter below) to 12 people representing four churches/ministries that I was connected with, asking each of them to somehow combine forces and work together, where best we could. The only one reply I received back was, “It will never happen.” I suspect the others either ignored my correspondence or simply set it aside. It would not be them. Not now.
Fifteen years later, in October of 2018, the Lord again spoke to me, while in early morning pray, of the same thing. This time He clearly outlined a plan to me, to do my part in bringing His people together – Jew and Gentile, black and white, Hispanics, male and female, and all in between.
Personally, I believe that what Jesus (Yeshua) prayed strenuously while in the Garden of Gethsemane, just before His crucifixion, will be answered by His Father Almighty. They are One we know. United themselves.
I believe the Trinity knows more than us. He knows that this is the time, and He is orchestrating for all, to all, who will, to come. Gather together in unity.
“I pray not only for these, but also for those who will trust in me because of their word, that they may all be one. Just as you, Father, are united with me and I with you, I pray that they may be united with us, so that the world may believe that you sent me. The glory which you have given to me, I have given to them; so that they may be one, just as we are one — I united with them and you with me, so that they may be completely one, and the world thus realize that you sent me, and that you have loved them just as you have loved me.” (John 17:20-23, Complete Jewish Bible)
He is again speaking to those who will hear the call and walk in His command, who will indeed come together. Even for just two days in unity, joy, freedom, and commitment to His purposes.
Who knows what will result? He does!
He is the one Who I am looking to, to put us all together in my lifetime. I know He will.
We are called to be His family. We were created to be His lights in the world. We are commanded and equipped to be overcomers – to overcome by His Spirit the darkness that is ever-increasing in our nations. Now is the time for the world to see that Jesus Christ’s Body of Believers, empowered by His Spirit, has the wisdom, knowledge, courage, and strength to be that which He intended us to be.
Are you going to be a part of what He is doing? 

Save the date! Charlotte, North Carolina event – April 3-4, 2020
If not here in the Charlotte, NC/Fort Mill, SC area, then where you are at, in your town or city.
It has to start somewhere. We must begin to fully unite, with all the effort He will afford us, and do what we are called and created to do.
Shalom and ahava (peace and love in Hebrew).
Now think on this,
Steve Martin
Love For His People, Inc.

P.S. I have already begun sharing this mission vision to pastors and leaders of ministries in the Charlotte/Fort Mill area. Each one was very receptive and positive. Now is the time.
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Now Think On This #375 – in the year of our Lord 12.12.18 – “Gathering Together”

Wednesday, 4:30 pm


In case you want to know, my resume as of Oct. 1, 2018.

Steve Martin
12120 Woodside Falls Rd. Pineville, NC 28134

Antioch International Church – Fort Mill, SC. Executive Pastoral Assistant   
Oct. 1, 2018 to present
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (Ruth’s Attic Bookstore Associate)  
April 2018-Sept. 30, 2018        Cash register, stock, receiving

Charlotte Center City Partners – Charlotte, NC                                                             2012 – Oct. 31, 2017

 Accountant – Three 501 ( c)3 organizations

 Reconciled bank (3) and credit card accounts (15) for three non-profits (QuickBooks Pro 2012)

  • A/P – invoice account coding and entry, check printing
  • A/R – invoice creation, deposits
  • Excel financial reports created and updated
  • Charitable Solicitation License annual renewal applications (3), and others
  • Payroll for two companies (Paycor software)
  • Chart of Accounts maintenance for all three companies
  • Assist VP of Finance as needed

Love For His People, Inc.                                                                                                               2010-present


Began a 501© ministry of humanitarian aid, teaching and tours to assist believers in Israel, India and other nations. Income in 2017 reached $32,000.

Authored/published 18 books – messages of encouragement, hope, love and daily faith walk

  • Connecting people to Israel, through tours, speaking engagements and social media
  • Led a worship band, Ahava Love Band, for gatherings
  • Joined with two other ministries for “Messiah Faith” conference in May, 2018
  • Completed 18th trip to Israel in Oct. 2018
Samaritan’s Purse – Operation Christmas Child Mailroom – Charlotte, NC 
         Christmas Seasons 2010, 2011     

Vision for Israel   Charlotte, NC                                                                                                       2005-2010

A humanitarian organization supplying donated goods and funds, through contributions, gift shops and annual conferences.


Director of USA office

Fully directed the departments of Accounting, Operations, Maintenance, Conferences, Fund Raising.
  • Provided monthly and annual financial statements for the President (Barry Segal) and Board of Directors.
  • Responsible for A/P and G/L weekly and monthly entries (Quickbooks).
  • Oversaw monthly appeal letter mailing and processing of contributions.
  • Researched and purchased 14,000 sq. ft. building facility for national office and warehouse.
  • Setup all operations functions, after moving the office and warehouse from Savannah to Charlotte in 2006.
  • Hired staff for all departments – initial employees and ongoing as the organization grew.
  • Had a major role in growing the organization’s annual income from $700,000 to over $1.2 million in first year.
  • Organized four annual conferences and additional special events to raise awareness of the organization locally and nationally.
  • Led participants from the USA for fall tours to Israel, and helped setup and run the annual conference in Jerusalem.
  • Determined annual budget of revenue and expenses for $1.2 million revenues.
  • Oversaw rental and maintenance of retreat lodge in mountains of NC – staff and ministry retreats, public daily/weekly lodging
  • Set up and then oversaw management of the “Greetings From Jerusalem” gift shop in retail store location

Derek Prince Ministries   Ft. Lauderdale, FL & Charlotte, NC                                1987-1990,  2001-2005

Worldwide Christian teaching ministry with an emphasis on book publication, teaching seminars, fund raising for outreach, daily  radio program,
Director of Finances and Operations
Responsible for a staff of 17 in the departments of accounting, inventory/sales warehouse, and building operations
  • Served in the Fort Lauderdale office (1987-1990) and then again in the Charlotte office (2001-2005).
  • Reported to the President (David Selby) and Board of Directors – monthly financials and annual reports for over $2 million revenues.
  • Responsible for G/L entries and oversaw A/P, Payroll, Contributions and Inventory (Microsoft Dynamics).
  • Conducted annual physical inventory.
  • Researched and purchased 10,000 sq. ft. office/warehouse facility for national location in Charlotte.
  • H/R responsibilities for new hires and ongoing staff needs.
  • Oversaw installation of new accounting software Great Plains Dynamics.
  • Administrated annual conferences and special events for participant teaching and fund raising purposes.
  • Represented USA office on China short-term mission trip with the other national offices.
  • Determined annual budget of revenue and expenses for national and international offices (12 total offices).
  • Member of the Executive Team of five directors – weekly meetings.
  • Organized USA conference in Charlotte, NC
All Nations Church/Mahesh Chavda Ministries – Fort Lauderdale, FL and Charlotte, NC
1987-2000   Administrator
Organized 40 conferences, among other things.



Software office and accounting applications:
Microsoft Office – Excel, WORD, Outlook
Accounting: Great Plains/Dynamics; Blackbaud Financial Edge; QuickBooks Pro 2016; Thomas Reuters Fixed Assets CS; Quicken; Power Church Accounting; Peachtree Accounting; Access; Paycor & PayChex Payroll
Board Member: The Movement (Pastor Lathan Wood), Fort Mill, SC   2017 – present
Board Member: Christian Friends of Israel (Hannele Pardain, Director)
                           – Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Charlotte, NC – 1994 through 2009
Ordained in the Ministry: Cornerstone Church (Pastor Mark DeVito) – Pineville, NC – 2004
Board Member: Christians for Messiah Ministries (Founder Dr. Peter Wyns) Rock Hill, SC  – 2008 to 2015
Founder/President – Love For His People, Inc. – 2010 to current
Author/Publisher – 18 books on Christian inspiration/encouragement
Foreign Ministry Trips – Israel (18), China, India, Trinidad & Tobago, UK

Steve Martin

STEVE & LAURIE MARTIN - LOVE FOR HIS PEOPLE FOUNDERS My good wife Laurie and I (married 45 years), founded Love For His People Ministry in 2010. This work gives love and support to our friends in Israel and other nations with friendship and humanitarian aid. Through social media, Steve's messages, and our Ahava Adventures trips to Israel, it is a growing, effective organization. Steve has also authored and published 36 books. We live in the Charlotte, NC area and have four adult children, spouses, and eight grandkids. Ahava and shalom with blessings on ye head!

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