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Dec. 9, 2018 Sunday
Charlotte, North Carolina USA
Greetings family and friends.
This is a beautiful season, with all the candles burning bright for Hanukkah this past week, and the red and green of Christmas decorating homes, churches, and even businesses. I know my church office is decorated very pretty! (Check this out: Walk With Me – My church office!
In these two Now Think On This messages, I share something very profound and personal, as I have recently experienced it. When you have a vision and calling from the Lord, and then lose it, or are asked, as Abraham, to kill it, despair, discouragement and loss of desire can easily set it. You may have experienced that too, right?
But as I write in Kill It So It Can Live. Again (Part 1), there is hope even in the darkness. For you too.
In Part 2 of the same title Kill It So It Can Live. Again. (Part 2), this story was so impacting in my life that I felt to share it with many. There is life after death. Even here on earth in those areas that you know the Lord led you earlier in life. But it ended, maybe even unexpectedly.
Resurrection does come. Life again! I do hope you will take the five minutes for each one to read them. I know they will encourage you.
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Happy Hanukkah for one more day! And Merry Christmas to all! Jesus came the first time as the Suffering Servant. He is coming again as the Lion of Judah, to take up His throne in Jerusalem. I am watching with full expectation, while working hard until He returns.
Be blessed with ahava (love) and shalom (peace),
Steve Martin
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Now Think On This
Life. Death. Burial. Resurrection.
As I read Don Moen’s new autobiography, “God Will Make A Way” (Thomas Nelson, 2018), I was struck by a paragraph in which he explains how typically the Lord works, when He gives us a vision for our life.
“There seems to be a pattern that the Lord often uses in our lives. He will birth a vision in us. Then there will be a point where we feel led to lay it down, even to the point of letting it die. Once we believe the vision is dead and gone, He will revive and restore it in us, often making our passion stronger than ever.” Don Moen
He reveals the vision. We start to see it happen. He asks us to kill it. (Or He does.) And then months, years or decades later He resurrects it.
It happened with Moses. So too with Joseph. Many of the prophets. And of course Jesus. Life. Death. Burial. Resurrection. Ever happen with you? If not yet, it will. If it is God from the beginning.
Personally, I can relate. Yes, indeed. I got it.
Music has always been a joy in my heart. Beginning with the period of time that I took basic chord guitar lessons on my cheap, Gibson starter guitar (rented, if I remember right) in 6th grade, going to the YMCA building in Waterloo, Iowa (thanks Dad and Mom for always driving me the 15 miles, waiting the half hour during the group lessons, and then taking me home every week!) Mrs. Fullilove, a rather robust, jolly black lady in her mid-40’s I think, taught me the G, C, D, and minor chords. I learned how to play “Red River Valley” and a few more during those months with her small group.

Steve Martin
We all need vision. Without vision, hope for the future, the Bible says people perish (Proverbs 29:18). Or as it reads in The Message version of the Word, “If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; but when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.”
The resurrection story in this life continues…
If ever I had been given one deep desire by the Lord – well actually there have been two, missions and music – the music passion in my soul had come and gone. As it happened with Joseph, the reality of sharing this gift and talent came, and then it went, and then hope sprung anew, and then it left again. It seemed like a roller coaster. Pick it up. Lay it down. Open door. Then closed shut.
by Steve Martin
“Everyone likes an adventure. Travel the world. See the sites. Live the dream. Steve Martin’s “Now Think On This” messages provide you with inspiration to walk the journey that God intends for you to have. Enjoy the short chapters as you receive encouragement for your life-long adventures.”
As I prayed about this book title, I felt the Lord impress upon me that He is a God of adventures, and delights in sharing them with us. He does not consider the Christian walk to be one of boredom.
It takes courage to step out in faith, to do that which is not obvious in the natural, but would be very obvious if we saw with spiritual eyes. Our faith must be expressed by doing without knowing the results, while trusting that He does, and will provide for us to complete our assignments.
Our God calls us to walk in the adventures He has. We must keep looking to and relying on Him to direct, provide, and encourage on the way.
It does take courage to walk in adventures. He gives us strength to complete the long journey we travel.
Steve Martin
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