NFL Pro Shows Off His Love for Israel; Rivlin Celebrates Chanukah with ‘Modern-day Warriors’; IDF Training Areas Open to Hikers – United with Israel

Fabulous 6-Minute Crash Course about Chanukah! CLICK for Latest from Israel!
United with Israel Chanukah Explained by Christians (Very Funny!) Saudi Chess Cancelled for Barring Israelis; Archaeological Evidence for Story of Chanukah; IDF Search and Rescue at Its Best! 
Israeli President Celebrates Chanukah with IDF’s ‘Modern-day Warriors’
WATCH: The Six-Minute Crash Course on Chanukah
NFL Player Proudly Shows Off His Love and Support for Israel!
IDF Opens Training Areas for Hikers During Chanukah Holiday – Enter with Caution! 
Deputy Defense Minister: UNRWA is the Problem, not the Solution 
WATCH: Saudi Chess Competition Canceled for Barring Israelis 
PBS Accused of Whitewashing Iran’s Repression of Jews, Hatred for Israel 
IDF Search and Rescue Unit Passes Grueling Test to Join Prestigious UN Body 
Archaeological Evidence for Story of Chanukah 
The Essence of Chanukah: Increasing Light in the World 
WATCH: Chanukah Explained by Christians (Very Funny!) 
Deep Chanukah Insights from Our Sages for the Ages 
How is Chanukah Celebrated by the Jewish People? 

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