Why did God create Satan? – Pastor Steve Cioccolanti, Discover Ministries

Why Did God Create Satan?

I’m going to share with you one of the deepest underlying question most atheists / skeptics have. 

In fact some Christians have it too. It is pretty controversial.

Here it goes:

“Why did God create Satan?”

Do you have a satisfactory answer? 

If God is good, and He knew Satan would turn evil, why did He create Satan in the first place!?

There are other similar “why’s” like: If God is good, why does He allow suffering? Or why doesn’t He destroy the devil now?

In polite Christian circles, we don’t want to sound like we’re accusing God. So we hear platitudes like…Who are we to question the almighty ways of the Creator? Just have faith and believe.

But deep down you wonder….

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if there was no Satan at all?

God could destroy Satan right now. Why doesn’t He?

These questions are vital, because they go right to the nature and character of God, and God wants us to understand Him! 

“But let him who glories glory in this, That he understands and knows Me” (Jeremiah 9:24)

If you have some of these lingering questions in mind, and they are hindering your faith in God…

Or if your friends have posed these questions, but you have no satisfactory answer…

The next thing to do would be to watch this sermon, available onDVD and Vimeo (instant streaming).

Your relationship with God will go to a much deeper level. 

Let me assure you, God is truly good. He is not afraid of questions. The answers you get will set you free.

Give it a try. Click here.

Shalom & Agape,
Pastor Steve Cioccolanti
Discover Ministries

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