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Beverly Hills boycotts Airbnb after Israeli listings removed
The Beverly Hills City Council in California unanimously voted to remove its own city’s apartment listings from Airbnb and to condemn the company for banning 200 Jewish listings in the West Bank, known in Israel as ancient Judea and Samaria. 
“Airbnb is not welcome in Beverly Hills as long as its policies are based on anti-Jewish double standards,”said the city’s Vice Mayor John Mirisch. “We can try to inoculate others against this malady but we also must protect ourselves against its effects.”
“Jew hatred” and anti-Semitism are behind the company’s move, the city alleged.
“On behalf of our residents, this unanimous resolution reflects the city council’s ongoing commitment to Israel and to exposing hatred anywhere it exists,” Beverly Hills Mayor Julian Gold said in an official statement.
Last week the home rental giant decided to boycott Jewish homes in the West Bank saying it must steer clear of disputed territories. However, it still lists rentals in Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara, Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus and Russian-occupied portions of Ukraine. Hopefully AIRBNB will realize the absurdity of their move in light of the recent Russian aggression against Ukraine.
“In the event that Airbnb does not stop, we call upon all civilized people across the globe to boycott Airbnb until such time as they desist from these despicable anti-Semitic actions,” the resolution concluded.
We are pregnant!
One of our core values at Tiferet Yeshua is to expand. We are birthing a new work in Tel Aviv and we are praying that you will partner with us!
Our first meeting will be next week, as we celebrate Chanukah.Initially it will be a part of Tiferet Yeshua, but the goal is to see ONes v’Kafebecome a congregation. We are believing God for $3,000 in mostly support for this new plant. In addition, we really need your prayers and intercession that more Israelis will come to Yeshua through this plant.
Israel’s ties with Muslim world strengthen with Chad president visit
The unprecedented visit to Israel by the president of Chad this week — the first ever to the Jewish state by a president of the Muslim-majority African nation — marks a “new chapter” in ties between the two countries which have not had diplomatic relations for the last 46 years. 
“It can be called breaking the ice,” Chad President Idriss Déby said at a news conference. “We came here indeed with the desire to renew diplomatic relations. Your country is an important country. Your country, like Chad, fights against terrorism.”
Prime Minister Netanyahu with Chad’s President Idress Déby.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet that this visit “reflects the rising status of Israel” internationally.
“Every week we see the implementation of this concept, of cultivating economic-technological strength, alongside security-intelligence strength, to receive political-diplomatic strength,” he said. “This is happening before our eyes, one might say, on a daily basis.”
With three visits to Africa over the last couple years and a surprise trip to Oman last month, Netanyahu has been pushing to strengthen diplomatic relations between Israel and nations once thought hostile to the Jewish state.
The prime minister also said “there will be more such visits in Arab countries very soon.” And, during Déby’s visit, news broke that Israel is also working to normalize ties with Bahrain.
Hani Marzouk, spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office for Arab media, told the Israeli Broadcast Authority that it was “the beginning of new relations and an indication that we are on the right track to correct history.”
“The Kingdom of Bahrain is the next destination for Netanyahu,” Marzouk said. “Israel sees the Arab world is large, diverse and has rich human potential and it wants to establish great relations with it at the scientific and academic level.”
Israeli Economy and Industry Minister Eli Cohen has been officially invited by Bahrain to attend an international high-tech conference organized by World Bank next year. 
Czech president hopes to move embassy to Jerusalem next year
During another significant state visit this week, Czech President Milos Zeman told Israel’s parliament he hopes the dedication of a new cultural center, the Czech House, will lead to the transfer of his country’s embassy to Jerusalem.
“Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu said the Czech Republic is Israel’s best friend in Europe. I wonder, why only Europe?” Zeman quipped at the Knesset. “Anyway, I am the best friend of Israel in my whole country.”
The visit was the Czech president’s third visit to Israel and his second as president. Zeman called the European Parliament’s “support for Palestinian terrorists” shameful.
“If we betray Israel, we betray ourselves,” he said.
But not all Czech politicians are on the same page. Prime Minister Andrej Babis said in April that the embassy would not move to Jerusalem, because such a move would contradict the official position of the European Union and the United Nations. The United States moved its embassy to Jerusalem in May, officially recognizing the city as Israel’s capital.
Say what you will about President Trump, but moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem as our capital was Cyrus-like prophetic, bold and will be part of his legacy.
Israeli journalist attacked in Berlin by Muslims
An Israeli journalist was attacked in Berlin for speaking Hebrew on camera.
Antonia Yamim said on her Twitter feed she was trying to film a report in Hebrew when a group of men started harassing her. Yamin claimed the attack occurred because she spoke Hebrew and had Hebrew writing on her microphone. She uploaded a video of the incident to Twitter.
Reporter Antonia Yamim is harassed by Muslim immigrants in Germany because she was speaking in Hebrew.
“As you can see on the video you can’t report in Hebrew in Neukölln, Berlin without being disturbed and without people throwing firecrackers at you,” Yamin wrote.
Several men can be seen approaching Yamin and disrupting her report. She and her cameraman ran after a few seconds, and the video ends with a firecracker exploding.
Yamin, the Europe correspondent for Israel’s Kan, was born in Germany to a German Christian mother and an Israeli father, and was raised in Israel. The German daily Bild reported that the assailants were immigrants (almost surely from Middle Eastern countries not named Israel!).
Israel holds major drill to practice fighting Hamas and Hezbollah
After a battering of nearly 500 rockets launched at Israel two weeks ago, the Israeli military is running a 10-day large-scale exercise to prepare for possible concurrent attacks by both Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon.
A two-front war would stretch Israel’s military capabilities and leave the center of the country vulnerable to terror attacks. 
The fact that the Israel Defense Forces publicized this drill is possibly meant to serve as a warning to the two terror groups that Israel would be prepared for such a scenario. The drill is specifically for commando units.
Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip and borders southern Israel, is believed to be in possession of 10,000 rockets and mortar shells. 
But Hezbollah, the Iranian-financed terror group based in Lebanon on Israel’s northern border, is believed to have 100,000 missiles in its arsenal. Israel fought a month-long war with the terror group in Lebanon in 2006 in which Hezbollah fired almost 4,000 rockets into Israel. Since then, the border has remained quiet.
Israeli runner sets new record in Florence marathon
An Israeli runner won the Florence Marathon on Sunday, setting a new record despite heavy rains in the Italian city. 
Lonah Korlima Chemtai, 29, broke the record, finishing in 2:24:17. She previously won the Tel Aviv Marathon in 2016 and won the 10,000-meter race in the European Championship in August.
Chemtai grew up in a village in western Kenya, but gained Israeli citizenship in 2016 after marrying her coach, Dan Salpeter, an Israeli. Chemati began her running career as a short-distance runner and only started running marathons, amazingly, after the birth of her son, Roy.
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