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It has been clearly demonstrated to you that Hashem alone is God; there is none beside Him.
Deuteronomy 4:35 (The Israel Bible™)

אַתָּה הָרְאֵתָ לָדַעַת כִּי יְהֹוָה הוּא הָאֱלֹהִים אֵין עוֹד מִלְבַדּוֹ
Hear the verse in Hebrew

a-TAH ha-r’-ay-TA la-DA-at KEE a-do-NAI HU ha-e-lo-HEEM AYN OD mi-l’-va-DO

Forging Relationships

Our greatest ability as humans is our capacity to think and ponder. In this verse, we are told that we must recognize, or know about, the existence of the one true God. The Hebrew phrase in this verse for ‘clearly demonstrated’ is har’eita lada’at (הראת לדעת). However, in Biblical Hebrew, da’at also refers to a deep, intimate connection, as in, “Now the man knew his wife Chava” (Genesis 4:1). It therefore follows that the verse actually means that as humans, we are required not just to know about Hashem, but also to forge a deep connection with Him, the Almighty Creator. Turn to The Israel Bible Daily Inspirationsdevotional for more inspirational lessons just like this!

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