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Abortion facilities closing at unprecedented rate, says new report

Good news for pro-life advocates can be found in a recently released report from an abortion organization claiming that “independent [abortion] clinics are closing at an unprecedented rate.” Read more



A 19-year-old girl was taken to the hospital in an ambulance after a botched abortion at Planned Parenthood of Illinois, located in Chicago, which pro-life group Operation Rescue is calling one of the “most dangerous” in the nation due to its number of ambulance calls. Read more


At Life Site News, pro-life activist Jonathon Van Maren points out the disturbing and increasingly common trend of abortion apologists threatening pro-life women who express their opinions publicly. Read more


In a day and age where there are multiple forms of birth control, I still managed to get pregnant in college. I was too old to be on Teen mom, yet too young for anyone to know whether or not my pregnancy should be congratulated. My pregnancy was not at all planned, but that does not mean that my daughter was not meant to be here. Read more


Despite former President Barack Obama’s promises that “no federal dollars” would be used “to fund abortions and federal conscience laws would remain in place” under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a recent Tweet by former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards unintentionally revealed that funding abortion through the ACA was actually part of the plan from the beginning. Read more


Brooke Martin, a news anchor for WISH-TV News 8 in Indianapolis, offered a candid look at her family’s difficult journey after discovering their baby girl has anencephaly. Read more


At 22 weeks of pregnancy, Andi Matthews and her husband learned their son had Down syndrome. They were devastated. The genetic counselor offered them an abortion, either by D&E or induced labor. Read more


NHL superstar Evander Kane, who plays for the San Jose Sharks, is being sued for $6 million by a former girlfriend who claims he pressured and coerced her to have several abortions. Read more


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