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Prophecy: The Dam Is About to Break Open!

Many of you are believing for breakthrough in your life. You are believing for God to break through in many different areas and bring change and transformation.
I want to share this passage of Scripture with you. In 2 Samuel 5:20 David is going up to battle, and Scripture tells us that he went straight to Baal-Perazim and “He defeated them there; and he said, ‘The Lord has broken through my enemies before me lie the breakthrough of waters.” Another translations says, “David named this place, “the Lord of the Breakthrough”.
I want to encourage you today that the God of David, is the same God today, and He is on your side for breakthrough. God is ready to push through whatever obstacle may have you confined. God is ready to take you from the place that has kept you constricted, unable to move forward and bring you out into a land of victory. God is ready to bring you out into a land of breakthrough!
After I read this passage of Scripture the Lord spoke this to me, “There is a deluge of finances coming your way. There has been a dam that has held these things back from moving forward, but I can hear the sound of the dam beginning to break open. I can hear the sound of the waters beginning to gush forth. And the forces that have kept the blessings and promises that I have given to you will no longer be able to keep these things held back from you. Prepare wisely. Prepare with the future in mind. Resources to move you into the next season are coming your way and they will make way for the year.”
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It is so important for us to push with our faith, stand with the word of the Lord and begin to declare God’s promises. Declare, “Breakthrough is coming!” As this dam breaks in the Spirit, the things that have held you back will not be able to hold you back any longer.
The thing that stuck out the most to me in this prophetic word was, “Prepare wisely.” For some of you, this is very practical. You need to sit down and decide what you are going to do when God brings your breakthrough. Write down some practical things that you need to have in place to prepare for your breakthrough. You don’t want to get in the middle of blessing, of God breaking through and bring everything you’ve been believing for in and not have a clue what to do with it. Prepare now for what He has promised you. Get in the place of prayer with God and begin to write down your plan for when your breakthrough comes and how you will execute whatever God gives to you in your coming breakthrough.
The second thing that stuck out to me in what God spoke to me was, “Prepare with the future in mind.” Don’t just look at your current situation. Because if you just look at what is in front of you right now, you will only focus on your immediate needs and circumstances. Instead, God is instructing us to look ahead with spiritual eyes and begin to prepare with the future in mind.
There is more in front of you than behind you. If the enemy can’t get you bound up in what has happened in your past, then you are getting ready for your breakthrough! Your past has nothing to do with your future. God has assignments for you now and for your future. God wants to bring you forward and make provisions for you that you never dreamed you would have.
Remember, this is a season where God is ready to bring breakthrough for you. Prepare wisely and prepare for the breakthrough. Just as with David, God is going to smash your enemy and explode him like a gush of water. Breakthrough is coming! I can hear the sound of it, and I can feel the wind behind it. Get ready to walk in the breakthrough God has for you!Β 
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