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Many people today say they are spiritual but not religious. But what does that mean? According to the Hebrew Scriptures, the source of true spirituality is the divine breath of God. Have you connected with Him?
Is it either/or?

Spiritual but not Religious?
by Ruth Rosen

Issues relevant to the “spiritual but not religious” movement are so ancient that the Jewish Bible addresses many of them—and so does Jesus in the “Newer” Testament.
God was a child?

Messianic Prophecies (Fulfilled)
by Rich Robinson

The New Testament throughout shows that Jesus is indeed the “Mighty God” who has come among us as a human being. Jesus does things only God can do, such as forgive sins and command nature to obey him.
I knew in an instant!

Jewish Father. Catholic Mother. Protestant Wife. My Cure for Spiritual Confusion
by Philippe Lewkowicz

I had a semblance of Jewish education and a strong sense of Jewish identity. But since my home was a home without God – and since the Christians and the Jews I knew did not seem to truly believe – I assumed that God must be present elsewhere.
The first Reform Jew?

Q&A: What Kind of Jew was Jesus?
by Jews for Jesus

The kind of Judaism Jesus represented is debated, but Judaism it was. For there was as yet nothing called “Christianity.”
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