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Monday, November 5, 2018
How to Receive a Spirit-Inspired Vision—And See It Come to Pass


My grandfather often tells his congregation a story that took place many years ago when he pastored a very small church in Newburgh, New York. I love hearing the story because it involves me. I’ve always loved church. Moreover, I’ve always loved seeing churches grow. One day when I was about 7 years old, my grandfather and I were sitting at home talking. All of a sudden he said, “Let’s go down to the church.” I quickly got dressed, because I loved to go to the church with my papa. He took me into the empty sanctuary. Stood me in the back, and said, “Close your eyes.” So with a great smile on my face, I closed my eyes.

Wondering what my grandfather was up to, I quickly opened one eye and closed it just as quickly when I saw him looking at me. He said, “Marcus, imagine the church being full of people.” I waited about ten seconds, and he then asked me, “What do you see?” I said, “Papa, I don’t see anything.” He began to laugh hysterically, hoping that my answer would have been that I saw the church full. But being 7 years old, I only knew to say exactly what my eyes let me see, which was darkness.

What I found out later in life is that my grandfather wanted me to use my imagination and see the church full of people. He saw it, and that vision actually came to pass. That’s the way God invites us to see the invisible. He will allow us to be in a place that needs to be developed, and He will challenge our faith by pushing us to see what we don’t see.

Our waiting season is like this as well. God will put us in a position and tell us to close our eyes and see into the future. It is as 1 Samuel 12:16 says, “Even now, take your stand and see this great thing which the Lord is doing before your eyes. read more 

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