Gathering Mighty Men and Women of God Together – Now Think On This by Steve Martin

Gathering Mighty Men and Women of God Together
Steve Martin
The first day of November, in our Lord’s year 2018;
Peter and Joy gathered the troops for a Fripp Island stay.
Mighty men and women, loyal and committed souls,
Sought the Lord as one – in talks, in walks, to pray.
For you see, over these past 10 years or so,
He has brought together, to place hand in hand;
These called to fulfill that which each one has; to make
A moving Body, a dedicated team, a soldiers’ band.

From the north, south, east and west.

From the east, and west, north and south we’ve come,
Drawn by Our Father, Holy Spirit and Righteous Son.
Just as the ones going to Israel moved too,
The Three have brought us together, to walk as one.
Apostles, prophets, teachers – all with pastors’ love;
Evangelists, worship teams and gifted families abound.
The Body of Christ, reflected through this team of AIC,
Pierces the darkness with fierce, glorious sounds.
It is a gathering of mighty men and women of God,
Planned and purposed from eternity’s start;
We’ll show the world the way to forge ahead,
As immense love emits from our Father’s great heart.

A Poem for the AIC Leadership Team Retreat
Nov. 1-3, 2018  11:30 pm
Fripp Island, SC
Now Think On This #362

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