Israel Blamed for Pittsburgh Massacre; Nightmare Weekend, Dozens of Rockets; Netanyahu’s ‘History-Making’ Visit to Oman – United with Israel

United with Israel Netanyahu’s ‘History-Making’ Visit to Oman; Gazans Cheer as Terrorists Bomb Israel; Meet Yahya, Muslim Arab IDF Soldier; Watch Israeli Cabinet’s Minute of Silence for Pittsburgh Victims 
UK Politician Blames Israel for Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre
Nightmare Weekend: Dozens of Rockets Send Israel’s South Running for Cover
WATCH: Israeli Cabinet Observes Minute of Silence for Pittsburgh Victims
Netanyahu Returns from ‘History-Making’ Visit to Arab Country of Oman 
WATCH: Gazans Cheer as Terrorists Bomb Israel       
Israeli Anthem Plays in Abu Dhabi for First Time 
WATCH: Meet Yahya, a Muslim Arab IDF Soldier 
Israel Mourns Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre, 11 Dead 
WATCH: Hezbollah – Lebanon’s ‘Demon-child of the Iranian Revolution’ 
Equal Backbone and Heart – Only in Israel! 

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