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Oct. 26, 2018

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  This is What Israelis Think of Netanyahu

This is What Israelis Think of Netanyahu
YouTube journalist takes to the streets to find out what average Israelis think of Netanyahu, and why he stays in power
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  Olive Wood Christmas Decorations Set of 4 - 20% discount

Olive Wood Christmas Decorations Set of 4 – 20% discount
Beautiful carvings handmade of real olive wood, straight from the Holy Land – a must for every Christmas tree!
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  Netanyahu Believes His Own Party is Plotting to Oust Him From Power

Netanyahu Believes His Own Party is Plotting to Oust Him From Power
Netanyahu accuses President Rivlin and fellow Likud MKs of planning coup following next general election
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  WATCH: Average Israelis Saving Lives

WATCH: Average Israelis Saving Lives
Israelis of all walks of life, both Jews and Arabs, serves as volunteer EMTs and first responders with United Hatzalah
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