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Kim Clement’s Prophecies About Socialism


Three parts over the next three weeks

As the eldest of Kim Clement’s children, I feel that it is my responsibility to ensure that the prophecies God gave to the world through my father, are shared with everyone.

In my observation of the current political climate, especially in regard to the rise in socialist ideology and “Democratic Socialism”, I did an in-depth study on the subject. I went through my father’s prophecies about socialism, studied the history of socialism, and examined the current state of politics worldwide.

As a result of this examination, I have put together a three-part series for CODEBREAKERS on Socialism. In Part 1 – “The Past”, I look at the history of modern socialist ideas and the birth of these ideas. In Part 2 – “The Present”, I present the current rise in socialist ideology, as well as the communist connection to it. In Part 3 – “The Future”, I show what my father prophesied about it, as well as what the Bible reveals in the story of Cain and Abel, and how that is the true origin of socialist thought. Instead of asking himself why his offering was not acceptable, and trying to make it better, Cain became envious of his brother and murdered him, and so the blood of Abel cried out.

I invite you to join me on this journey. We are releasing the aforementioned three parts over the next three weeks. These will be up every Tuesday on

You will also be able to watch these on the House of Destiny app under the “media” section. Our app is available on all platforms – just search  for “House of Destiny” in your app store.

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A Special Message:

I would also like to invite you to follow the new “Kim Clement – Prophetic Rewind” Facebook page, which I run, as well as the official Kim Clement Instagram and YouTube channels. We constantly update these social media platforms with everything my father taught and prophesied, as well as giving personal glimpses into his life and family, and footage of the magnificent prophetic worship that was truly unique and anointed. All of this will bless you and encourage you, and that is the true desire of my heart.

I also do a weekly broadcast called “Prophetic Rewind” that you can watch every Monday on, where I have gone back through our archives and found incredible, never before seen footage of my father, Kim Clement. I’ve found so much treasure in our vault – everything from concerts, to him prophesying and preaching in churches across the world, as well as footage from the “Den” broadcasts, some of which you can only find on Prophetic Rewind, so my invitation to you extends here as well. Start your week, every Monday, with some prophetic insight and guidance that truly helps when the “present” dictates our future, instead of the prophetic gift in all of us. That gift is the still small voice, God’s voice, and HE is still speaking today!

We are still reaching the unreachable, touching the untouchable, putting our Boots on the Ground, blessing Israel, and spreading the eternal message God sent through my father, a message that extends beyond the span of one human life and into the future ahead of us, for generations to come.  

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