Avraham Saiden and Steve Martin in his Ben Yehuda, Jerusalem shop – video

My good friend for over 13 years – Avraham Saiden
 – gift shop owner on Ben Yehuda St in Jerusalem, Israel

Oct. 15, 2018  Monday, Jerusalem

I met my now good friend Avraham Saiden in 2005 when I walked into his Jerusalem Judaica gift shop on Ben Yehuda Street. He was having trouble making a call to Johns Island in South Carolina and asked me to help. Using his phone, I dialed the number he had. It worked. The man answered. Awaken at 5 am his time, he wasn’t too happy.

Avraham, who made aliya (immigrated) from Iran in the 1950’s, was so excited and thankful that the got the man on the phone finally that he then asked me to come to his house the next night for a Shabbat meal. Then I was excited. His wife Pnina and daughter Dahlia were very hospitable.
After the meal, we walked to his son’s house (Dan) to meet that family. I ended up sleeping on his couch that night, being it was late. He promised to pay for a taxi the next morning so I could get back on the CFI (Christians For Israel) tour. 
Along with his other son David, the family owns two gift shops on Ben Yehuda.
Each time I have gone to Jerusalem (about 10 times since there) I purposely go to their shops and purchase gifts to support them. In fact, the ring I wear on my left hand about eight years ago was bought in their shop.
Steve Martin
Love For His People, Inc.
Ring I bought from Avraham’s shop. Around 2006.

 Laurie, Avraham, Steve – 2007

 Avraham, wife Pnina and daughter Dahlia – 2005 in their Jerusalem home for Shabbat

Avraham, Steve and his wife Pnina – 2005 in their Jerusalem home for Shabbat

Avraham & Steve – 2016 at his shop

 Video published on Oct 15, 2018

Avraham Saiden and Steve Martin in his Ben Yehuda, Jerusalem shop Oct. 15, 2018 Videos filmed and shared by Steve Martin – to give appreciation to and love for those we support, through Love For His People, Inc.

Steve Martin

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