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“Away! Unclean!” people shouted at them, “Away! Away!
Touch not!” So they wandered and wandered again; For the 
nations had resolved: “They shall stay here no longer”

Lamentations 4:15 (The Israel Bible™)

סוּרוּ טָמֵא קָרְאוּ לָמוֹ סוּרוּ סוּרוּ אַל־תִּגָּעוּ כִּי נָצוּ גַּם־נָעוּ אָמְרוּ בַּגּוֹיִם לֹא יוֹסִיפוּ לָגוּר
Hear the verse in Hebrew

SU-ru ta-MAY KA-r’-u LA-mo SU-ru SU-ru al ti-GA-u KEE na-TZU gam na-U a-m’-RU ba-go-YIM LO yo-SI-fu la-GUR

The Jewish Return to the Holy Land

The insulting jeers described in this verse were repeated not too long ago. Following the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps, Jews were not only denied entry into many foreign countries, but even the borders of their homeland were closed. After the conclusion of World War II, Palestine (as the Land of Israel was then called) was under British sovereignty and the British government put a strict quota on the number of Jewish refugees allowed to enter. Furthermore, many of those who defied the quota and managed to cross the border into the Promised Land without British permission were rounded up and placed in detention camps, such as the one in the northern coastal city of Atlit. However, the will of Hashem (God) could not be thwarted. After the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, the declaration “They shall stay here no longer” quickly became obsolete. With the Knesset’s passing of the Law of Return, every Jew in the world became entitled to move to Israel and obtain citizenship in the new country. Since then, millions of Jews have moved from all corners of the globe to the Holy Land. For the first time in almost two thousand years, almost half of the Jews in the world now live in Israel and indeed, “they stay here” once again. For daily inspiration, see Israel365’s Daily Inspirations devotional.
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