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The Shifting is Coming by Pam Clark

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The Shifting is Coming by Pam Clark
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People are talking about “the shift” as if it is the latest new fad, but it is seriously more than that. Many things have changed, and many have cried out in the past for a grace of “a little more time” and God has granted that. But others know that things have changed and in many places the foundations have already shifted and there is really more to come. Many have been crying out that structures are not what they used to be, nor what they should be.
We can take stories in the news for example, and that will change every week. We have government representation failures and clergy failures and even business people failures that do really affect the lives of others. 

There is a shift, a backsliding, especially when Godly people leave the scene and there is no one to replace them of the same stature or position.

If we see the world growing, it really becomes a concern as new strongholds take place that don’t seem like what the good old world order used to be. But we need to realize that “the shift” is from God. He is allowing some of these things to happen so a regrouping can take place and some of the old righteous structures can be restored and rebuilt and serve Him better.

At first we are shocked by the changes, but then when we see the rotten cores, then we understand. And then we have to decide how we are going to respond to all this. Some with little foundation depth just freak out and scream in the streets. Many have shouted out the examples of the crumblings and then realized that there was no place to go but to God, but praise God if they have had the faith for that!

These are the ones who will lead the next move. Oh many will jump on the bandwagon, but where were they when the crimes were committed or the building post you needed to lean on wasn’t there? This is what we need to understand about “the shift.” There are those who said nothing and there are those who did say something. An alarm was heard. It wasn’t comfortable, but it was heard. It was heard by those who heard.

The Chair was His Throne

Today I got a vision of God sitting in a chair. The chair was really His Throne, but it was a moveable one. The chair had been sitting in place for a long time and then He suddenly got up because He wanted to move the chair. He wanted to move the Throne. Can He do that? Well, He is God and He can do whatever He wants!

God was “tired” of sitting in one place. Things were in a rut and not in a good place as before. People had gotten used to the way things worked but indifference set in. When He moved, the things around Him moved, the things that had been placed upon Him moved (some of it fell off) and He was ready to get up and re-fresh.

He was still God, He still owned the chair or the Throne, but the old order was changing for a better one. He was “tired” of the same old songs and dances, yes, some were good, but a lot of it was “stale.” It no longer brought Him pleasure. He still loved the people but callouses had developed and there was indifferences to many things.

I shared the other day about the Dove I saw in a vision flying around looking for a place to land. It went from one spot to another in the United States, and it was looking for a place to settle, a lot like when Noah let the dove out of the ark and it returned to him several times. It was time for a new order of things. Will God be at the center?

Will the winds and waves wash it around or will the new foundations hold steady? There are a lot of young ones who have sought for what worked. There are a lot of older ones who have hung in there, but felt their lives grow stale. There are a lot of middle-aged ones who have been doing the dance back and forth and who feel greatly frustrated.

There is a shift going on. There is a shaking now and one that is still coming for a season. Yesterday I felt an earthquake. I am still not certain how much of it was in the Spirit or the natural. I found that earthquakes had happened in other places, so I wondered if I felt a part of that underground shake as a result of if this or if it was just a spiritual shaking. But I came to realize that natural or spiritual, it didn’t matter. The message was that things were changing.
A shift was taking place. A lot of old strongholds were being broken. Old paradigms were coming down because God is moving. Some things are going to be changed around. He is faithful but He is also new every morning.
There are people developing and who have been in the crucible of developing. There are people going through HARD circumstances but it’s because God wants to use you. But He has to see if you can handle the shaking and “the shift.” See, some old structures are being removed and this will cause what they were holding up to move around and shake.
Are Your Pillars Strong Enough to be a Foundation?
It does not matter what your ministry gifts are, He needs all of them!! God can go anywhere and still be the Center of the Universe. But He is moving His “chair” to a new location and He is “rearranging” some things.

We have seen some strong leaders leave the scene, but He has not forsaken the Church, especially in strength. A shift is taking place. Some of this He had to hide from the enemy but the test was for seeing those who had faith! A shift is taking place. Are you strong enough to hold the standard of the Lord? Those who are will be used mightily in the days ahead!

When we clean a house we clean off and out a lot of dust. We will even move some things around for a fresh perspective. Rotten structures will be replaced.

Are there any “new songs” we are not hearing? Are there any fresh revelations that bring hope and inspirations? Have these gotten lost because of the old order?

There is a God who cares about “the least of these.” There is a God who cares about the wounded. There is a God who really hears the cries of the lost souls in the highways and byways being tossed around like on the ocean waves with every wind and wave of false doctrine!

Yes, things are shaking, but there is a Foundation. There is a Church that He sees that IS alive and that wants to thrive!!! Yes, more is coming, there is more shaking and the shakings are causing shiftings, but His Word, even His Living Word is eternal. He can move His chair and still be God.

Pam Clark

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