No ‘Bad Blood’ Between Trump and Netanyahu; ‘We’re with Israel 100%’; Massive Crowds Receive Sukkot Priestly Blessings! – United with Israel

United with Israel Texas Teaches the Truth About Israel; Israel and Egypt Celebrate 40 Years of Peace; Israeli Robotic Surgery Firm Gets $1.64 Billion in Deal; Sukkot in Israel: Sukkot Holiday for ALL Nations! 
No ‘Bad Blood’ Between Trump and Netanyahu
WATCH: ‘We’re with Israel 100 Percent,’ Trump Tells Netanyahu
WATCH: Tens of Thousands Gather in Jerusalem for Sukkot Priestly Blessing!
Texas Requires Schools to Teach the Truth: ‘Arab Rejection of Israel Has Led to Ongoing Conflict’ 
WATCH: Ahed Tamimi Urges Dismantling of Israel, the ‘Large-Scale Settlement’ 
Israeli Robotic Surgery Firm Commands $1.64 Billion in New Deal 
WATCH: Israel and Egypt Celebrate 40 Years of Peace 
Trump at UN: World Must Isolate Iran’s ‘Chaos, Death, and Destruction’ 
Celebrating Sukkot in Israel: A Joyous Holiday for ALL Nations! 
WATCH: Prime Minister Netanyahu Celebrates Sukkot with the 4 Species! 
Animal Rights and Sukkot – What’s the Connection? 
WATCH: A Lively Musical Performance for Sukkot 
Repentance on Sukkot – Through Wining and Dining! 

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