Cindy Jacobs on Kavanaugh Hearings: The Strongman of Molech Is Loosing Its Grip on America – CINDY JACOBS CHARISMA NEWS

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Cindy Jacobs on Kavanaugh Hearings: The Strongman of Molech Is Loosing Its Grip on America

Editor’s note: A handful of accusers say Brett Kavanaugh assaulted them decades ago. The media is in an uproar. What is the truth? Charisma News reached out to several key charismatic figures, including Cindy Jacobs, to give us spiritual insight into the Kavanaugh hearings and the warfare behind them.
As believers, we always focus on truth. None of us would want to be the victim of a smear campaign.
As always, we can trust the Holy Spirit to reveal to us what is true.
In addition, Kavanaugh has gone through a number of FBI checks before this. It is very suspicious this has only come out now.
We need to pray that the current crisis will provoke godly people to wake up and vote righteously.
We need to remember that we are battling the powers of wickedness that are the same as the ones that fed off of the shedding of innocent blood during the days of Jezebel. Spirits such as Molech and Jezebel are still at work to influence the political process.
The other power of darkness that is in manifestation is the spirit of delay.
The strongman of Molech is loosing its grip on America and doing everything it can to hurt and influence people. However, the days of its control are numbered.

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