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10 Days After Creation Concert, Conductor Passes Away

Dr. Mordechai Sobol suffered a brain aneurysm while in the US

Jewish Value of Life Enshrined in High Holiday Liturgy and Israeli Nonprofits

Israeli non-profit Just One Life empowers pregnant women to make life-enhancing decisions

WATCH: Hatikvah Sung Around the World

Jewish communities and lovers of Israel around the world sing its national anthem

ICYMI: Worldwide Awakening To The Final Redemption

Miriam Project focuses on raising awareness that the final redemption is imminent

Senator Cory Booker and “The Only Good Zionist is a Dead Zionist”

By Daniel Greenfield
During the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, Booker indulged in grandstanding and demagoguery
By Caroline Glick
By Jonathan Spyer
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