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  Palestinian Terrorist Murders Israeli Man at a Shopping Mall

Palestinian Terrorist Murders Israeli Man at a Shopping Mall
Palestinian terrorist again exploits the fact that Israel’s not an apartheid state to mercilessly kill innocent Jews
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  Israeli, Egyptian Ambassadors Bond Over Love for Israeli Singer

Israeli, Egyptian Ambassadors Bond Over Love for Israeli Singer
Concert tour organized to commemorate 70 years since Israel’s rebirth, but that doesn’t keep Egyptian away
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  Shofar Now At 25% Discount

Shofar Now At 25% Discount
The shofar is sounded on Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur as it calls us to repentance.
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  Trump to Palestinians: Don't Bite the Hands That Feed You

Trump to Palestinians: Don’t Bite the Hands That Feed You
In media blitz marking anniversary of Oslo Accords, Trump Admin explains why it’s punishing the Palestinian leadership
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