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East Coast Braces For “Monster” Hurricane

Hurricane Florence will likely devastate swathes of land in the Carolinas and Virginia

Heal O Israel, Will Too Much Screen Use Hurt
My Kids’ Eyes?

A mother asks whether too much screen use will damage her kids’ sight

WATCH: More than 30,000 Hasidic Jews Celebrate New Year in Ukraine

The pilgrims flock to the city of Uman, birthplace of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov – founder of Breslov Hasidim

ICYMI: Israeli Bible Scholar Teaches Thousands of Japanese Friends of Zion

The Makuya in Japan are a distinctive movement of Christians with a very special affinity for Israel

Syrian War: Uneasy Calm in US-protected Kurdish Enclave

By Jonathan Spyer
The situation in Syria is unstable. Assad is determined to reunite Syria in its entirety under his rule
By Caroline Glick
By Raymond Ibrahim
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