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The Israel365 team wishes each and everyone of our subscribers and readers, a peaceful, prosperous, healthy and bountiful new year. May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life and may Israel continue to project its light into the world.

Red Heifer Birth, Paves Way For Renewed Temple Service

Candidate born as a result of Temple Insitute program

Return of David’s Harp Heralding the Third Temple

Creating beautiful musical instruments for use in the rebuilt Temple

In the Hebrew Year 5778, Israel Celebrated Its 70th Anniversary. What Will 5779 Bring?

Holiness in time is manifested through God’s festivals and according to His calendar

The Bible Says Feed the Poor and Elderly – Here’s How

Many Holocaust survivors are now living through another heartbreaking calamity: poverty

Rabbi: Light of Coming Redemption is Blinding

If we are prepared to see it, the Messiah’s light is already with us

Temple Mount Closed For Jewish Holidays

Rosh Hashanah falls on the same day as a Muslim festival

Hands-on Reenactment of Temple Bread Baking in Biblical Israel

By recovering ancient methods of bread making, Jews will be better-prepared for service in the rebuilt Temple

Month of the Shofar

The ram’s horn is the primary tool to aid Jews in preparing for repentance

Creation Concert: Prophecy Revealed as Nations Recognize Sanhedrin

Event encapsulated several prophetic incidents happening all at once

Fire Kites Sting Negev Honey Farms Just Before Rosh Hashanah

Arson terrorism – kites and balloons – has caused millions of shekels of damage to Israel’s south

Colel Chabad: Caring for the Elderly on the High Holidays and All Year

This year the charity will provide 850 widows with crates of food

Israel’s Tourism Boom Continues, Will it Welcome Record Number of Pilgrims?

After a bumper tourism year in 2017, Israel looks set to break more records in 2018

Israel’s Population Growth, Up 160,000 to Almost 9 Million

Jews comprise 6.625 million people – or 74.4% of the population

Jerusalem-based Artist Creates Rosh Hashanah-themed Art

Solomon Souza has released a set of Jewish New Year-themed prints

How Can Israel’s Soldiers Have a Sweet Jewish New Year?

Yahad-United for Israel’s Soldiers ensures that Israel’s IDF soldiers can celebrate while protecting the Holy Land

Can Pomegranate Juice Reduce Brain Damage in Fetuses?

Fruit traditionally eaten by Jews on Rosh Hashanah may have powerful protective properties

Jerusalem Concert: Joining Voices of 70 Nations to Heal World

Special musical event organized by nascent Sanhedrin

Friends of Zion Bringing Jews and Christians Together During Period of Repentance

Jerusalem museum holds special prayers of penitence in final week leading to the Jewish New Year

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