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Today is the Biblical “Feast of Trumpets” which over time has also become the time when we mark a New Year. At this time, Jewish people in Israel and all over the world are taking stock of what has gone before and getting ready for the new season.

And it really is a new season for the people of Israel! Our friend, Mottel Baleston, has come back to our studio to share his perspective. Watch what he has to say below.
Dr. Erez Soref, President
The Feast of Trumpets
On the first day of the Jewish month of Tishri in the Fall, the Feast of Trumpets blasts its way into the new Jewish year. Today it is known as Rosh HaShana, the “Head of the Year”, even though it’s not really the start of the Biblical year at all, according to Exodus 12:2. The calendar year was supposed to start in the month of Passover in the spring, and the Feast of Trumpets comes at the beginning of the seventh month.
Like all the other “Feasts of the Lord”, it is full of significance and meaning for us today, as well as prophetic meaning about what is to come.
How the Feast of Trumpets Became Rosh Hashana
Much of the world celebrates a new start as December 31st turns into January 1st, whereas Jewish people now celebrate their new year at the Feast of Trumpets.
But our God is a God of multiple new beginnings, new seasons, and fresh starts!
Instead of celebrating once a year, God asks that the beginning of every month, each new moon, is celebrated – that’s twelve new beginnings instead of one! This is called “Rosh Chodesh”, or “head of the month”. It’s interesting that the word for month, “chodesh”, is from the root word for new: “chadash”.
(Please note: Correct date for Tampa, FL is October 27th)

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