September 2018 Maoz Israel Report – Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram

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0918 - Top - Eliezer Ben Yehuda   FATHER OF THE MODERN
       PART 1
        By Shira Sorko-Ram

          I had the great privilege of knowing Ehud Ben Yehuda 

as a dear friend when I lived in Jerusalem in the early

1970’s. I also knew his younger sister, Dola. Both were 
in their 70’s. They were two of the three living children 
of Eliezer and his second wife Hemda….

       Read the article… 

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0918 - Redeeming Love graphic   REDEEMING LOVE

            My name is Anat Brener. For twelve years I have been

serving the Lord ministering to people involved in
prostitution and drugs near the Old Central Bus Station 
in Tel Aviv.
For the last six years, our organization, “Chayim
Be’Shefa” (Abundant Life), has been operating a day 
center called “The Red Carpet.” The girls who come to 
the center are involved in prostitution; they are drug 
addicts and homeless.    Continue reading… 

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0918 - Noa Immersion   AN ORTHODOX ISRAELI

       By Moti Cohen

          A few months ago, my good friend Ido, who is a new

believer at our congregation, had to give a speech in the

framework of a course he was taking. During his 
speech, he decided to share about the process of
deliverance he had experienced at Tiferet Yeshua. 

       Read the article… 

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0918 - New books   NEW FAITH BOOKS

            This year we finished and published 5 new faith 

books in Hebrew: You Are Special, The Jesus 
Storybook Bible, Legend of Sheba, Don’t Call Me
Christian, and The Islamic Strategy to Conquer 
We continue working on six more books and are 
looking for more great reads for Israelis – believers 
and non-believers.

          Continue reading… 

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0918 - Yoni and Dana   WHAT THE MJAA CONFERENCE


We have been married for almost a year and live near

Haifa. Both of us are 28 years old and professional English
teachers. About two months before the flight to the U.S. 
we realized that Dana is pregnant, and we considered
canceling the trip out of concern for the wellbeing of our 
baby. We prayed, decided to go anyway, and were blessed 
due to this decision.
I was born into a believing family in the Haifa area, and
Yoni came to faith after me. Because Yoni is still new in 
the faith, and comes from a strongly atheistic background, 
at first he doubted the significance and purpose of this

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