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Truly Hashem has comforted TzionComforted all her ruins; He has made her wilderness like Eden, Her desert like the Garden of Hashem. Gladness and joy shall abide there, Thanksgiving and the sound of music
Isaiah 51:3 (The Israel Bible™)

כִּי־נִחַם יְהֹוָה צִיּוֹן נִחַם כָּל־חָרְבֹתֶיהָ וַיָּשֶׂם מִדְבָּרָהּ כְּעֵדֶן וְעַרְבָתָהּ כְּגַן־יְהֹוָה שָׂשׂוֹן וְשִׂמְחָה יִמָּצֵא בָהּ תּוֹדָה וְקוֹל זִמְרָה
Hear the verse in Hebrew

kee ni-KHAM a-do-NAI tzi-YON ni-KHAM kol kho-r’-vo-TE-ha va-YA-sem mid-ba-RAH
k’-AY-den v’-ar-va-TAH k’-gan a-do-NAI sa-SON v’-sim-KHA yi-ma-TZAY VAH to-DA
v’-KOL zim-RAH

Israel’s Supernatural Quality

The Land of Israel has a supernatural quality to it. While under foreign occu­pation, it resembles an arid desert. However, under Jewish sovereignty, it comes to life, flourishes, and yields great produce. Indeed, for nearly two millennia, as the land switched hands numerous times between various foreign powers, including the Romans, the Arabs and the Turks, the land lay utterly desolate. Amazingly, the modern rebirth of the Jewish state in 1948 has brought with it an astounding development of the land, to the point where once again the Jewish people can claim a flourishing country all their own. Enjoy this and 15 other full color photos of the Land of Israel in Israel365’s 16-month calendar & Jewish holiday guide.
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