Netanyahu Says ‘Bad’ Iran Deal Brought Israel ‘Closer to Arab World’; Israeli Farmers Sue Hamas for Arson Terror – United with Israel

United with Israel Iran Threatens Israel with Iraqi Proxies; Another Israeli Leukemia Success Story! Former Jordanian PM Wants to ‘Take Haifa by Force’; UNWRA and Peace Are Mutually Exclusive 
Netanyahu: ‘Bad’ Iran Agreement Brought Israel ‘Closer to Arab World’
Israeli Farmers Sue Hamas at The Hague for Arson Terrorism
WATCH: A Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Slams UNRWA’s Greed
Arab MKs Defend Corbyn Amid Runaway Anti-Semitism Scandal 
WATCH: How Resilient Israeli Kids React To Tragedy 
Iran Transfers Missiles to Iraqi Proxies, Threatening Israel 
UNWRA and Peace Are Mutually Exclusive 
WATCH: All You Need to Know About Israel, A to Z! 
Good News Israel! New Israeli Treatment for Head Lice, Another Leukemia Success and More! 
WATCH: We Will ‘Take Haifa by Force,’ Says Former Jordanian PM 
Israel Welcomes Cuts to UN’s Palestinian ‘Refugee Perpetuation Agency’ 

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