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Pew’s New Analysis: 42% of US Jews Reject their Religion

The new survey shows a disturbing trend that some refer to as a silent Holocaust

“The benighted man thinks, “Hashem does not care.” Man’s wrongdoing is corrupt and loathsome; no one does good.” (Psalms 53:2)

Syria Denies Israel Behind Attack on Damascus Base, Blames “Short-Circuit”

Casualties were reported in large explosions the Syrian government claimed were caused by “electrical problems”.

Two Americans Targeted in Amsterdam
Stabbing Attack

Authorities are now claiming that the Afghani citizen had “terrorist motives.” 

Satellite Images Indicate Iran Is Building a Missile Site in Syria

Parchin is believed to house facilities serving Tehran’s ballistic-missile and nuclear programs

EZRA 7:6

Ezra was known as a sofer (scribe) who reintroduced the Torah (Bible) to public life in Jerusalem following the Babylonian exile…

WATCH: McCain Funeral Planned As Rebuke for President Trump

The Senator’s funeral was “a four-day celebration of his life, but was also a rebuke to President Trump”

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