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  How Worried Should Israel Be About Trump's Latest Remarks?

How Worried Should Israel Be About Trump’s Latest Remarks?
Trump has been unprecedented in his friendship toward Israel, but might also make unprecedented demands
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  WATCH: Netanyahu and US Envoy John Bolton Address the Press

WATCH: Netanyahu and US Envoy John Bolton Address the Press
Netanyahu expresses deep gratitude for Bolton’s visit and his unswerving support of Israel against her enemies
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  The New

The New “Land of Israel” Wall Calendar For 5779 Is Available
Get your Hebrew / English wall calendar for the Jewish year 5779 (September 2018 – December 2019) with 15 beautiful landscape pictures of the Holy Land
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  Hamas Confirms It Doesn't Want Peace, Will Torpedo Trump's Plan

Hamas Confirms It Doesn’t Want Peace, Will Torpedo Trump’s Plan
Everyone still seems to forget that Hamas doesn’t want peace, and that many Palestinians support its agenda
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