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Arkansas Face-off Ten Commandments Beat the Devil

Satanic Temple wanted to replace monument with one of the Devil

DNA Tests of 6,500-Year-Old Skeletons Found in Galilee Disclose Origins

The unique burial cave is a natural stalactite cave discovered in 1995

WATCH: Building Bridges Between Christians and Jews in Columbus

Pastor David Swaggerty built a center where Evangelicals and Jews can learn together

Prophecy Fulfilled, Yechezkel’s (Ezekiel’s) Vision of Dry Bones Rising

Just as the prophet’s dry bones rose from the dead, the Jewish people came back to life in the Land of Israel

ICYMI: In the Hebrew Year 5778, Israel Celebrated Its 70th Anniversary. What Will 5779 Bring?

Prophecy is currently being fulfilled in the Jewish state

The Torah’s National Structure in the Jewish Nation-State of Israel

By Ariel Nathan Pasko
50 years after liberating Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, the Third Temple still hasn’t been built
By Soeren Kern
By Louis Rene Beres
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