Why Christians and Jews Must Come Together to Battle Surging Anti-Semitism – CBN News Pastor Samuel Rodriguez,Adam Milstein

Why Christians and Jews Must Come Together to Battle 
Surging Anti-Semitism


Christianity and Judaism are different branches on the same family tree. Built on the teachings of Jesus 

Christ – a Jew living in the land of Israel – Christianity shares with Judaism the sacred text of the old 
testament, a set of values rooted in ethical monotheism, and a belief in the infinite value of every 
human life. Despite these commonalities, the historic relationship between Christianity and Judaism 
has been marked by conflict, prejudice, persecution and tragedy.

For centuries, many parts of Christendom rejected Jews and perpetuated anti-Semitism. Jews were 

blamed for the death of Jesus Christ and for much of Christian society’s maladies. Across Christian 
lands, Jews were subject to prejudicial restrictions, violence, and worse – from the Crusades to the 
Spanish Inquisition to pogroms to the Holocaust.

The second half of the 20th century marked a turn for the better in the Jewish-Christian relationship, 

as a wide range of Churches and Christian leaders began moving away from Replacement theology, 
which claimed that the Christian Church has succeeded the Israelites as the chosen people of God. 
At the same time, they started to acknowledge their faith’s past persecution of the Jewish people and 
apologize for it, removed and renounced official church doctrine rooted in anti-Semitism, and 
embraced Jews as members of a sister faith.

The bonds of brotherhood that have been nurtured in recent decades are a blessing for both Jews and 

Christians. Yet, the challenge of fully healing the divides between our communities cannot be achieved 
with words and gestures alone. It will take joint action. One clear area for collaboration is a unified 
campaign against the forces of hate that now threaten our world.

For instance, in recent years, we have seen an unmistakable resurgence of anti-Semitism in nations 

where many thought it had been confined forever to the margins of society. Anti-Semitism in Europe 
is at its highest levels since immediately before the Holocaust with a quarter of Europeans holding 
anti-Semitic views according to the Anti-Defamation League.

The surging antisemitism in Europe has also begun to wash up the shores of America. Last year, 

target of religious hate crimes in America, accounting for 60% of those reported.

Jews and Christians, as two rich and diverse faith communities with a shared commitment to protecting

the value and life of every human being, have a duty to join together to fight all other forms of racism 
and hatred, including anti-Semitism.

This work should begin by standing against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement 

— a campaign led by radical leftists and radical Islamists to delegitimize, isolate, and eventually, 
eliminate the Jewish State from the face of the earth. BDS seeks to impose boycotts of Israel in 
cultural, academic, economic, governmental, and religious institutions — and has gained increasing 
prominence in recent years on college campuses, among trade unions and NGOs, and in certain corners 
of the media.

Jews and Christians who regularly study our shared sacred texts know that Israel is the homeland of 

the Jewish people. In Genesis, G-d states Israel’s boundaries and offers the land to Abraham and his 
descendants as an eternal and unconditional promise. BDS seeks to erase this unbroken and unbreakable 
bond between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. This hate movement takes a page from a 
centuries-old playbook, advocating for boycotts of Israel in the same way that anti-Semites advanced 
boycotts of Jewish businesses and pogroms in Europe throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

Our shared struggle against the BDS Movement should be anchored by the understanding that BDS is 

not just anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic. It’s anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-Western, driven by an 
alliance between radical leftists and radical Islamists who hate the Judeo-Christian values that bind 
together our two great countries.

Their alliance is built around a shared disdain for our belief in individual liberty, our dedication to 

democracy, and our capitalist system. Hatem Bazian — the founder of the Students for Justice in 
Palestine and one of the founders of the BDS Movement — publicly called for an Intifada, a violent 
uprising against American citizens, inside of the United States. If we don’t draw a clear line in the sand 
today to protect our ally Israel and the Jewish people, the tactics that the BDS Movement uses against 
Israel today will be used against America and Christians tomorrow.

At the same time, we should stand against the demonization of the Jewish people and others now taking 

place on the fringes of politics, where we have seen hate groups and bigots coordinate attacks against 
Jews and Latinos on social media channels, generate anti-Semitic and racist memes, and reintroduce 
anti-Semitic and racist epithets that had nearly left the American lexicon.

What’s the bottom line? We must all readily take responsibility now — before it’s too late. We need to 

be united — liberals and conservatives; Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and atheists — to fight 
against anti-Semitism and racism when it rears its ugly head no matter which political ideology it uses 
to mask its hate.

This isn’t just about anti-Semitism. It isn’t just about Jews and Christians, or Israel and America. It’s 

about fighting for what’s right. By joining forces at this critical moment, Jews and Christians can 
realize the promise of a brighter future for both our peoples and others around the world.

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez is the President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American philanthropist, real estate entrepreneur, and the Chairman of the 

Israeli-American Council.

This article reprinted with permission from Adam Milstein, originally featured in The Huffington Post.

Follow Adam Milstein on Twitter: www.twitter.com/AdamMilstein

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