Trump Approves Largest-Ever Israeli Aid Deal; Israel Uses PA Funds to Help Tortured Palestinians; When Ray Charles Met Ben-Gurion – United with Israel

United with Israel Gaza Cleric Says Jews Morphed into Apes and Pigs; Canadian TV Erroneously Indicts Israel; Netanyahu Slams Corbyn for Honoring Terrorists; Israeli Blind Bowler 2nd-Time Champ 
Trump Approves Largest-Ever Aid Package to Israel
Israel Uses PA Funds to Compensate Victims of Palestinian Torture
WATCH: When Ray Charles Met Israel’s First Prime Minister 
Pipe Bombs Thrown at Rachel’s Tomb 
WATCH: ‘Abominations of Jews Merited Their Transformation Into Apes and Pigs,’ Says Gaza Cleric 
Canadian TV Erroneously Claims Israel Destroyed Gaza ‘Cultural Center,’ Actually a Hamas HQ 
WATCH: Corbyn Accused of Comparing Israeli Policy to Nazi Occupation of Europe 
Netanyahu Slams Corbyn for Honoring Murderous Palestinian Terrorists 
WATCH: 5 Fun Facts About Jerusalem! 
Israeli Blind Bowler Wins World Championship for 2nd Time 

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