Netanyahu Blasts Corbyn for Honoring Munich Terrorists; Iran Steps Closer to Nuclear Bomb; Israel’s Biblical Winemaking Gets Modern – United with Israel

United with Israel Corbyn’s Campaign Financed by Pro-Hamas Donors; Colombian Superstar Rejects BDS, Performs in Israel; Ancient Tribal Rite Welcomes Israeli Envoy; Artists Reject Boycotts of Israel 
Netanyahu Blasts Corbyn for Honoring Munich Massacre Terrorists
Iran Takes Another Step Towards Restoring Nuclear Program
WATCH: Israel’s Biblical Winemaking Takes on a Modern Form
Corbyn’s 2015 Campaign was Partly Financed by Pro-Hamas Donors 
WATCH: Manchester’s Jews Alarmed Over Anti-Semitism in Labour Party 
Colombian Superstar Carlos Vives Rejects BDS, Performs in Israel 
WATCH: Artists Reject Cultural Boycotts of Israel 
Jordanian Judoka Gains Weight to Avoid Match with Israeli 
WATCH: Maori People Welcome Israeli Ambassador with Ancient Tribal Rite 
Amazon Pulls ‘Make Israel Palestine Again’ T-Shirts After Outrage 

USA: 1-888-ZION-613 
Israel: +972-2-533-7841

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