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17 Years Later: Sbarro Bombers Receive $300 K to Kill 15 Jews

The PA has paid out almost $300,000 to the terrorists who set off a bomb in a crowded Jerusalem restaurant

Iran Responds to Trump Sanctions by Importing Uranium

Iran is gradually reinstating their nuclear program

Amazon Pulls ‘Make Israel Palestine Again’ After Outrage

A t-shirt modeled after Donald Trump’s MAGA slogan outraged many consumers

ICYMI: Battle Against Christians On
Temple Mount

A confrontation with the Waqf underscores that devout Christians are also unwelcome

WATCH: Jerusalem Concert to Celebrate Creation of World

Lover of Zion, David Decker, explains the importance of the September 3 concert in Jerusalem

ICYMI – Elul: ‘A Month of Reflection and Prayer’

This month has a special power of prayer and repentance

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